Sunday, April 29, 2012

Parking found in Downtown in 8.5 minute(s).

Destination: Grand Hyatt
Time: 4/29/2012 8:47:03
Day of Week: Sunday
Neighborhood: Downtown

Time Spent Looking for Parking: 8.5 minute(s)
Distance from Destination: 1 block(s)
Amount Paid for Parking: $0

Average Cost per Hour: $0
Type of Parking: On Street (Load and Unload)
Amount of time parked there: 5 hours

Details: A lot of false starts this time around. I circles the block a couple of times because I couldn't see the no parking sign or thought that a space was larger than it was. Spent too much time looking in the core and should have looked by Olive sooner. Parked in passenger load unload that starts at 4pm, so I need to be out of here by then.

Current Global Averages:
Average Cost per Hour: $0.74
Total Cost for Parking: $30.17
Average Distance from Destination: 1.07 block(s)
Average Time spent Searching for Parking: 1.13 minute(s)
Total number of hours parked: 41 hours
Total number of recorded parkings: 28

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