Friday, April 20, 2012

Parking found in West Seattle in 0.5 minute(s) (Plus, a ticket!)

Destination: Cupcake Royale
Time: 4/20/2012 2:36:06
Day of Week: Thursday
Neighborhood: West Seattle

Time Spent Looking for Parking: 0.5 minute(s)
Distance from Destination: 1 block(s)
Amount Paid for Parking: $25

Average Cost per Hour: $5.56
Type of Parking: Off Street (Free Business Parking)
Amount of time parked there: 4.5 hours

Details: I decided to park in the parking lot behind the Cupcake Royale because it was raining and I didn't intend to stay for too long. I thought that the lot was for 4 hours, but according to the ticket that I got it's actually 3 hours.

I guess the karma that I got when I prevented a woman's car from being towed by warning about the change over to no parking at 4PM on Alaska didn't come back to me. Parking tickets are part of parking in a city, which means that it needs to be included in the averages and numbers. I don't get them often, but in this case I got unlucky. It's $25 and that moves my average cost of parking recorded so far from $0.05 to $0.85.

Current Global Averages:
Average Cost per Hour: $0.85
Total Cost for Parking: $26.27
Average Distance from Destination: 1.29 block(s)
Average Time spent Searching for Parking: 0.91 minute(s)
Total number of hours parked: 30.85 hours
Total number of recorded parkings: 20

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