Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parking found in First Hill in 3 minute(s).

Destination: City Hall
Time: 5/29/2012 17:18:15
Day of Week: Tuesday
Neighborhood: First Hill

Time Spent Looking for Parking: 3 minute(s)
Distance from Destination: 2.5 block(s)
Amount Paid for Parking: $0

Average Cost per Hour: $0
Type of Parking: On Street (Load and Unload)
Amount of time parked there: 1.5 hours

Details: This was a tough one. There is paid parking on the street, but there is also a load and unload zone across the street that becomes free parking in about 15 minutes. Its $2 in this neighborhood for 30 minutes, so I am going to wait and take the load and unload spot. No ticket at the end and because this is so close to Downtown, I'm going to tag it in that area as well.

Current Global Averages:
Average Cost per Hour: $0.4
Total Cost for Parking: $34.92
Average Distance from Destination: 1.19 block(s)
Average Time spent Searching for Parking: 0.96 minute(s)
Total number of hours parked: 86.4 hours
Total number of recorded parkings: 57

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