Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where do you record parking?

One of the questions that I usually get is about the numbers on this blog and what areas of the city I actually recording. After all, if I recorded parking every time I parked on a residential street it would distort my numbers and if I only recorded parking in the absolute busiest areas of the city I wouldn't be representing my experience of parking in the city. Getting the numbers "right" is a big challenge and to give you a better idea of the areas that I am actually mapping -what is actually represented in these numbers and what is not- I've mapped out the areas of the city and where I consider them to be.

Courtesy of Google Maps

These areas don't follow the official outlines of neighborhoods provided by the city because some areas are simply do not have a challenging parking situation. I focus on just those areas where there is either some sort of locus of interest that draws people or where parking is perceived or expected to be difficult. In some areas, I will always record my parking. These are areas that are neighborhood cores or areas where parking is a hot topic. In a lot of the city, I am not going to record my parking because it's just too easy. Finding parking in Maple Leaf isn't really worth writing up, although I will if I find it difficult.

I think the driving idea behind where and when I record parking is that it has to present a challenge or be expected to present a challenge. I may record a couple of parkings in areas that I'm unsure about, but if I find that it is too easy I will stop recording in that area (for example, in Ravenna by Zoka's Coffee).

If you'd like to see the map for yourself, it is available here.

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