Saturday, May 5, 2012

Parking found in Lower Queen Anne in 0.5 minute(s).

Destination: T.S. McHugh's
Time: 5/5/2012 20:34:00
Day of Week: Saturday
Neighborhood: Lower Queen Anne

Time Spent Looking for Parking: 0.5 minute(s)
Distance from Destination: 3 block(s)
Amount Paid for Parking: $0

Average Cost per Hour: $0
Type of Parking: On Street (2hr Paid)
Amount of time parked there: 1.5 hours

Details: I was out with a friend who was craving Irish Stew and we were in the neighborhood after visiting Discovery Park. At first we were thinking Cinco de Mayo, but the line for Pesos was way too long and we defaulted to the nearest Irish restaurant. I wish we had gone somewhere else because it just wasn't that good and they didn't even have Irish stew. Parking after 8pm means free parking. :)

Current Global Averages:
Average Cost per Hour: $0.5
Total Cost for Parking: $30.17
Average Distance from Destination: 1.2 block(s)
Average Time spent Searching for Parking: 0.94 minute(s)
Total number of hours parked: 60.75 hours
Total number of recorded parkings: 38

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